Thursday, 2 April 2009

Zimbabwean Prisons

The Pictures tell a story that no words can express.

The Zimbabwean Prisons have for a longtime been torture centres due to their ever falling standards.

Today's Zimbabwean prisons are worse than than any pigsty, the politicians had long forgotten then. The politicians are busy looting the money and reserving the public money for their own selfish interests. Our prisons are supposed to be places where offenders are locked away so that they can get thir senses back, or a place where they can be given a chance to turn their lives around. This is not the case, the prisons are practically torture camps where inmates are denied every human right they deserve.

The prisoners are made to live on one meal a day, sadza and salty water, while Paradzai Zimondi and his senior prison officers are getting bigger and bigger(a sign that they are not missing a single meal). On the other hand Mugabe is going on his spending sprees, withdrawing more than US$92 000.00 to quench his greedy wife's never ending thirsty for very expensive items, all this at the expenseof the other Zimbabweans. ZANU PF Politicians have for a long time been looting everything meant for the public, from taxes to donations and prisoners are among the victims hard hit by this seemingly endless selfishness.

Mugabe once said ".............and I keep my Zimbabwe", this means as far as Mugabe is concerned , he owns the country thus can do as he feels like.

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