Friday, 27 February 2009

More arrests, farm invasions, illegal detentions, torture and infringement of basic human rights continue in Zimbabwe.

This is to update my fellow Zimbabweans who supported us during our operations in Zimbabwe. Wherever you are, I send you my greetings on behalf of VATIZ co-ordinators now scattered all over Southern Africa and overseas. 

VATIZ operations in Zimbabwe are still indefinitely suspended, even though more people are offering to send medical supplies and to finance our operations, we cannot risk being in Zimbabwe at present. We know that many people can do with your supply of water purification tablets, surgical gloves and other items especially now when cholera is still claiming many lives. Prime Minister's assurance of safety in Zimbabwe do not cover us because CIO is doing as it pleases, so are Z.R.Police and the Army. We will keep updating you on the developments. Thank you.

We long to go back home, I miss being in Zimbabwe. I am writting from South Africa, almost half a year here but I still find it difficult to believe that I cannot freely walk around in my country. I have a good job now, but thats not what I ever wanted. This will have to do for now.

The Government of National Unity has not yet delivered good enough for me and my colleaugues to feel free to go back to Zimbabwe. A new wave of crimes is going across the country and the ZRP is sitting back and sometimes even helping the wrong doers.

More farms are being seized, Jestina Mukoko, MDC Activists , arrest/detention of human rights activists continue.The media still has fear in expressing their views freely. ZANU PF cronies and their friends/relatives still control business interests in Zimbabwe. The army is still killing at will, unexplained disappearances are still happening.
 Our friends in WOZA, NCA and many other voices are still being supressed by the Mugabe regime. Tsvangirayi and Mutambara still are 'tiny-dots' in Mugabe's government. It is still Mugabe's way or no way at present, it seems it will be like that for a long time to come.

We still hope for a change. I will be in touch, God be with you all

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