Monday, 4 May 2009

Rule of Law and Human Rights and Sanctions In Zimbabwe

Nothing has changed as far as rule of law and human rights violations so sanctions against the members of the ZANU PF regime should not be removed.

A few days ago the President of Democratic Party was reportedly abducted and tortured in government buildings, farm invasions continue and the notorius CIO continue their lawlessness. 

Any rational mind can ask, why should sanctions be lifted when nothing has changed?? ZANU PF people want sanctions lifted so they can access their loot hidden in European bank accounts, for example Solomon Mujuru might lose US$6 million if this lawlessness continues. They want freedom to roam the world and spend their ill-gained riched while millions are starving and jobless.

Surprisingly MDC is in favor of this, it makes me wonder "What do they stand to gain from this??"